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Since 1925, Kurt Zentner & Sons, Inc. in Oshkosh, WI has been dedicated to providing superior plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services. As a family-owned company employing only journeyman and master plumbers, you can trust our repairs and installations. Do you have issues with multiple systems in your home? We can take care of those on a single call. No need to schedule separate visits or call different companies. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and honesty, and we work with customers because we understand every situation and project is unique.

Commercial/Industrial Plumbing

With a greater daily usage than residential plumbing, commercial and industrial pipes and fixtures need plumbers who are well-versed in the higher grades and heavier duty pipes. We have extensive experience working with all the different press piping processes. We can also install an entirely new plumbing system if you are constructing a new building. Call us today for more details!

Services We Provide

Air Piping
Gas Piping
Process Water Piping
Inert Gas Piping
Stormwater Piping
Arc, Tig, Vic and Press Piping Processes
Grease Trap Sizing and Design
New Construction
Plumbing Design and Approval Through The State of Wisconsin

Residential Plumbing

Whether you need fixtures installed or a drain cleaned, we have the team for you. We know how frustrating a leak can be, so we work diligently to fix it and ensure it doesn’t happen again. We also install water heaters and well pumps, and perform minor excavating services.

Services We Provide

Water Heaters
Well Pumps Installation
Faucet Installation
Toilet Installation
Small Drain Cleaning
Misc. Repairs
Minor Excavating


Don’t be left out in the cold Wisconsin winter without heat. Kurt Zentner & Sons Inc can ensure your forced air unit is working flawlessly, so you have the peace of mind that when you turn your thermostat on, your heater will warm your home. We can install and service any make or model heating unit; give us a call today to schedule a free estimate.

We Service & Install:

Forced Air
Hydronic Boilers
Unit Heaters Installation and Service

Air Conditioning

We are always searching for ways to help our customers save on their energy costs, and one way to achieve that is by installing an energy-efficient air conditioning unit. If you want to cool only portions of your home, a ductless mini-split system might be right for you, or if you want to simply displace warm air, we can install heat pumps. Give us a call today to review options that are right for your home!

We Service & Install:

Ductless Mini-Split Units
Heat Pumps
Central Air Systems

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For more information about the services we provide, please contact us at 920-235-1340. We look forward to working with you!